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How to Choose the Best Internet Provider in the Philippines

Posted by nikolay | June 11, 2019

The best internet provider in the Philippines can give you the fastest and most reliable internet connection to keep up with online needs. At Velcoms Network Inc., professional internet service providers work overtime to continuously provide you with top of the line service and internet connectivity.

Not too familiar with terms regarding internet service providers? Velcoms Network Inc. aims to work hand in hand with its customers in order to provide them with the best connection for their digital endeavors. Each customer’s area will be carefully inspected to craft the most suitable internet plan for them. Internet installation has never been this easy with Velcoms Network Inc!

Read on to learn more about how to choose the best internet provider in the Philippines.


What are the types of Internet services?

What are the types of Internet services

There are a number of factors that you must consider when choosing the right internet service provider. First and foremost, you must choose between the different types of broadband internet connections. The best internet provider in the Philippines will be able to provide you with a high-speed broadband connection that will give you an easier time accessing the world wide web.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

Digital Subscriber Line, more commonly referred to as DSL, is one of the first types of high-speed internet. Before the rise of broadband technology, there was dial-up tech, and way before that was the era of DSL. This type of internet connection uses phone lines to transfer data. The difference between DSL and dial-up is that it operates at a higher frequency, preventing the interference of your internet connection with voice data. This means that you will be able to use your phone while browsing the web. DSL is also cheaper and faster than a dial-up internet connection.

However, the advantages also come with its fair share of disadvantages. DSL heavily relies on your internet service provider’s hub. The further you are from the hub, the slower your internet connection will be. This is one example of a factor that you will need to take into consideration once choosing your internet service provider. If you are interested in DSL, take note of where the different internet service provider’s hubs are situated and how far away they are from your location. 


Cable internet sources are some of the most reliable and high-speed types that you can avail of. These are cables connected directly to your router, offering a steady stream of data. The constant connection to different electrical devices offers fast-paced video streaming, online gaming, and downloading. This is because the stream has no competition, unlike DSL and dial-ups that are connected through the phone line. The low cost for this kind of speed is unlike any other internet connection. This type of internet connection is ideal for those that need to cater to multiple people at once.

Although cable internet access can provide you with a stable flow of web connection, it can tend to slow down if it has too many users all at once. There are options to increase the number of people who can use one router at a time. However, it means that you will need to pay additional costs. Safety is also a concern for the continuous use of the internet. Since your connection will be on at all times, it is important to have the latest antivirus software installed in order to protect your devices from any unknown threats.


Fiber-optic is a unique development in the telecommunications industry. What makes this particular type different is that it does not make use of metallic-based systems. Fiber-optics make use of a transmission device that sends a light signal to a receiver. It does not make use of electricity, compared to the majority of other internet connection providers. Another advantage of fiber optics is that it can remain stable over long distances. This is the ideal connection for you if you prefer your internet connection to be a long-term investment.

Even if fiber optics have a number of unique properties, it still has its limitations. One notable property of a fiber-optic internet connection is its cost. The price range to install fiber-optics is significantly higher compared to other types. Due to the unique properties of the material, installation requires special tests along with skilled professionals knowledgeable about its proper setup. This type of service will rack up quite a cost, so make sure to take into consideration the budget you have set aside in order to get your internet installed.


For those who do not live amidst the bustling city, the best internet provider in the Philippines still has a way for you to enjoy access to the internet. Satellite internet makes use of 3 different dishes: one found at the internet service provider’s hub, one in space, and one connected to your home or property. This is a form of wireless internet connection that bounces the information around the different satellite dishes. It is also significantly faster than a dial-up connection, making it one of the more ideal choices for those who live in areas without easy access to other forms.

Satellite internet also comes with its own disadvantages. One of the biggest negative aspects is its high price. It is up to you to decide if the price is worth investing in for an almost stable internet connection in an isolated area. Another problem with satellite internet is that the signals are easily blocked by multiple factors. Extreme weather and minor obstructions can quickly reduce the amount of internet connection you have access to.

Having a difficult time grasping all of the terms just used? Here is a list of the most important terms to remember when looking for the best internet provider in the Philippines.


Important Terms To Remember

Important Terms To Remember

To fully understand the types of internet service and what they have to offer, there are certain terms that you need to be made aware of. This will give you a look into the differences between products that cater to your digital use. The best internet providers in the Philippines will be able to cater to customers no matter what location they are in and what they need to use their internet connection for.


Dial-Up is the cheapest but slowest internet connection you can purchase. It connects you to the internet through a telephone line. While one line is connected to the phone jack, the other is connected to your computer. After dialing a certain number given by your internet service provider, you will then have access to the internet. However, this means that you will not be able to use your phone services and your internet connection at the same time.


Broadband Internet is an umbrella term for its four different types: DSL, fiber-optic, cable, and satellite. This is quickly becoming the more commonly used connection compared to dial-up due to the speed of its service. This type of internet connection is more ideal nowadays due to the fast-paced environment the internet community has. Communication, work engagements, and entertainment mediums can now be easily accessed at the click of a button.


Megabits per second or Mbps is used to compare the speeds of different internet service providers. Each digital endeavor has a required amount of Mbps in order to function smoothly and to its best capabilities. The standard broadband connection speed in order to comfortably search the web is 0.5 Megabits per second. This will give you the chance to go through your social media accounts and go through web search engines. If you are looking to stream your favorite blockbuster hits or watch videos on multiple platforms, it is recommended for you to avail of a higher Mbps.

Data Caps

Certain internet service providers provide connections only until a certain data cap. This means that once you have consumed a certain amount of internet, your data will either slow down or stop completely. These are more commonly seen in data packages that are of a cheaper cost compared to unlimited internet access.

Take note of these terms when looking for the best internet service provider for you. Another factor that can help is figuring out what you will be using your internet connection for.


What Will You Use Your Internet For?

What Will You Use Your Internet For

The best internet provider in the Philippines will be able to efficiently communicate with you in order to match the best kind of broadband internet connection with what you will need to use it for. This is important because it can greatly affect the overall cost you will need to pay as well as the quality of your web surfing.

General Web Surfing: 1 Mbps

If you are the kind of home that does not make heavy use of the internet, you can avail of a cheaper internet connection. General web surfing such as looking through emails or social media does not consume too many Megabytes per second. The downside is that when you do need to use the internet, it can take quite some time before you are able to load what you want to use.

Online Gaming: 1-3 Mbps

Quick internet is ideal to thrive in online gaming. Especially in terms of multiplayer games where you can easily be defeated by an opponent with faster internet speed. Choosing to use an internet connection that can continuously give you quick internet access can heavily influence the way you play.

Your Workplace: 1-4 Mbps

Similar to online gaming, a speedy internet connection is ideal for work environments. Especially when it comes to international companies that often have video conferences with their foreign counterparts. Another factor to take into consideration is just how many people will be using the internet connection in your office space, and what they will be using it for.

Digital Streaming: 5-8 Mbps

Digital streaming can take up quite the Megabytes per second for a number of reasons. Streaming is a non-stop transmission of data from one point to another. This allows for users to consume any kind of content they want right away. Downloading, on the other hand, only transmits data until the file is fully received before it completely stops.

Ensure that you are receiving only the highest quality of service from certified internet service providers in the Philippines. Trust professionals such as Velcoms Network Inc.


Signs of a High-Quality Internet Provider

Signs of a High-Quality Internet Provider

High-quality internet services should be able to give you a hassle free experience when it comes to installing your internet connection. Here are the signs for you to look out for to determine the best internet provider in the Philippines.

Available In Your Area

As previously tackled, certain internet connections have limitations in terms of distance. The right internet service provider for you is one that can be easily found around your area. Do your research well regarding the different products that they can offer you. Do not be afraid to ask any questions or concerns that you may have.

Fast Speed

The ideal internet service provider should be able to offer you the highest internet speed. This is to ensure that your web surfing experience remains unaffected. Professional internet service providers should be able to match your location and internet use to the right connection type.

Affordable Cost

The best internet provider for you will also fit into your set budget for installation. Professional internet service providers have the ability to adapt and suggest the best methods to install internet in your area while staying within your price range. Ensure that you do your proper research to be aware of the different alternatives that the companies may be offering you.


And last but definitely not the least, the best internet service provider is one that is reliable. How do you measure reliability? By looking at the experiences of their previous clients. Were they satisfied with the service? Do their internet connections work well without any interruptions? Was the customer service friendly and accommodating to their needs? You can learn the answers to these questions through online reviews or even by discussing it with your peers who have their internet already set up.

For more assistance regarding internet connections, contact the most trusted internet service providers such as Velcoms Network Inc.


Choose the Best Internet Provider, Choose Velcoms Network Inc.

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