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5G: How the Future Will Shape the Internet

Posted by josh | July 29, 2019

How will 5G shape the future of the internet?

  1. Shaping the Future
  2. 5G
  3. Augmented Reality
  4. Permanent Connectivity
  5. Mobile Networking
  6. Enhanced Cloud Computing


The internet has evolved from a system that connects two devices together, to become a system that has to ability to connect to almost every device across the world. The convenience and unparalleled connectivity that the internet provides allows people to perform a wide number of functions, and as we reach a new decade into the millennium, the internet only aims to become better and faster than ever.

If the past few years introduced us to 3G and 4G internet connections, all of which were able to provide fast and smooth connections to VPS in the Philippines, mobile devices, and desktop computers. While they have become the pinnacle of internet speed during their respective time periods, the latest and fastest internet connection, 5G, aims to set a new benchmark in both speed and connectivity, while enhancing functionality. Here’s how 5G will help shape the future of the internet and help enhance connectivity even further.


Shaping the Future

Shaping the Future

Over the past two decades, the internet has gradually developed into a more reliable service, from the faulty and inconsistent internet connections of 56k modems to the current generation of 4G and 5G internet. The rapid developments and advancements in technology have allowed the internet to become more reliable than ever before.



The 5th generation of mobile internet connections, 5G aims to exceed the speeds of 4G internet, with the regular speed reaching levels of 1GBps, which is at least 20 times faster. This faster speed will not only permit you to be able to access websites and media much faster but to allow a new set of functions to be done without the fear of disconnection and lag. While the connection has not been fully implemented across different parts of the world, some cities and countries have begun their integration to test out the new connection and see it’s improvements. Once 5G has fully been integrated, users would now have the ability to seamlessly connect and perform the following tasks:


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has become one of the newest functions present on mobile devices. This lets users view items such as graphics and interfaces on various applications, adding a new degree of interactivity that can be used for different types of purposes, like entertainment, gaming, map directions, and even online search.

Through the use of 5G internet, users would be able to completely integrate their augmented reality functions, and allow more new applications to utilize the feature and create more opportunities to interact with people and applications.


Permanent Connectivity

One of the main goals of 5G internet is to create an internet connection that is not only fast but permanent, allowing everyone’s devices to stay connected. This will make internet connectivity almost automatic, removing the need to wait for you to connect to the internet, which is one of the most common issues when people attempt to connect to wireless internet. The rapid speed of 5G internet will allow you to connect to servers and VPS in the Philippines instantly, allowing you to access websites and applications much more efficiently.


Mobile Networking

Mobile Networking

Mobile networking has become the benchmark for rapid internet connection over the past few years, and 5G is the next step in that evolution. This makes mobile connectivity even more accessible than ever before, allowing mobile users to experience the best internet connectivity. With social media and application access becoming more widespread on mobile devices, this has allowed internet services to focus on improving mobile connectivity. With most of the world’s media being accessible through mobile devices, having the best connectivity enables more users to access it in a shorter amount of time.


Enhanced Cloud Computing

Cloud software is one of the biggest beneficiaries of 5G internet, as more companies and businesses would be able to use a wider set of functions with little to no hassle. With most tools and applications now accessible using the internet, this negates the need to directly download software into computers and mobile devices. All you have to do is to open up your device, and then log in to access all of the tools you need. Cloud services also allow you to get the same amount of functionality whether you access it through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, thus improving work efficiency to an extent.


Key Takeaway

The continuous improvement of internet speed over the years has been necessitated by the advancements and innovations in the field of technology. With 5G on the way, it looks to become another milestone in the development of the internet, and will only open the door to a whole new set of functionality. 5G looks to take the internet world by storm, and by the time it arrives, a new generation of internet users will be able to experience the best connectivity yet.

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