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The Advantages of Upgrading Your Web Hosting Plan

Posted by josh | December 23, 2019

What are the advantages of upgrading your web hosting plan?

  1. Faster Site Performance During Peak Hours
  2. Lesser Downtime and Reduced Outages
  3. Enough Storage Space and Resources
  4. Optimized Security
  5. Continuous Growth of the Business
  6. Increased Bandwidth


If the signs are not yet obvious to you, take note of the advantages of upgrading your web hosting plan. Learning about the benefits of upgrading your web hosting lets you know what you are losing and the many factors that can improve your business.

It is natural to choose an affordable hosting solution like shared hosting. Yet as your business starts to grow and expand exponentially, so should your website. Make sure to obtain web hosting services that are quick to adapt to the ever-changing market demands and requirements.


Faster Site Performance During Peak Hours

Cyber security and global communication concept.

Put yourself in the shoes of your online customers or viewers. Would you stay on a website if it loads for more than half a minute? Usually, people hit the back button on their browser if the site is slow. With this, you lose a great amount of potential service or product inquiry that leads to lost revenue.

The site’s speed and performance play a significant role in search engine rankings as well. If your website takes longer than 10 seconds to load, search engines will put you in a lower rank which reduces your site visibility. This drives visitors away.


Lesser Downtime and Reduced Outages

Aside from slow site performance, frequent downtime also affects the UX rate or user experience of your customers. With this, your sales and reputation suffers as well. If visitors cannot access your site due to errors, chances are you will lose potential customers. Once a customer discovers that your site is not accessible, they might not visit again.

One of the major advantages of upgrading your web hosting plan is less downtime. Search for a web hosting provider that can provide you with at least 90% uptime. With decreased downtime, your first-time site visitors, as well as frequent visitors, will always choose to open your website to look for the services and products you offer.


Enough Storage Space and Resources

During the early stages of your business, a shared web hosting may be more than enough considering the number of site visitors and pages that you have. Yet as your business progresses and starts to attract attention from the consumer market, you must consider upgrading your plan to accommodate additional pages and increased media.

Always consider that in shared web hosting, your site has to coexist with other growing sites. With this, there are great chances for your site to go offline frequently. Upgrade your web hosting plan to allow users to stay on your site without losing access to a page due to congested disk space.


Optimized Security

finger touching lock online security

Security is related to a site’s visibility. Once your site experiences increased traffic, you must seek out advanced security features. As more and more people discover your site and see the amount of traffic you drive which could possibly mean the growth of your revenue, many black hat hackers will take interest in your business.

You can either obtain security features with the same plan or upgrade it for better results. More often, growing businesses would choose to upgrade the entire plan to reap the benefits of it in terms of lesser downtime and increased storage space.


Continuous Growth of the Business

Web hosting plans offer four types of hosting solutions to businesses. From shared, virtual private servers, dedicated, and cloud services, businesses can choose a suitable plan for them depending on their cycle of operations.

If your business is in the introduction stage, a shared hosting plan should be sufficient for the hosting requirements of your site. For growing businesses, a virtual private server would present a suitable option. Businesses in the maturity stage of the business cycle should consider cloud-based hosting solutions for flexibility in terms of resources and operational features. This hosting solution is the best compromise between being cost-effective and the functionality of the business.


Increased Bandwidth

network cables connected in network switches

Web hosting bandwidth refers to the amount of data that a site can deliver for a site visitor’s viewing. Heavy traffic is one of the major factors of maximized CPU bandwidth consumption. If you wish to add more pages, media, downloadable forms, and large content on your website then it is high time that you consider migrating your data to cloud hosting or a virtual private server.


Key Takeaway

Fully obtain the advantages of upgrading your web hosting plan by determining which hosting and plan suit your site well. It is common for startup businesses to go for cheap web hosting solutions. If you started with a shared hosting plan for your site, consider migrating your data to a bigger, better, and more effective hosting solutions to support your business’ growth.

Take note of the advantages of upgrading your web hosting plan, they should be able to help you see the obvious signs you need to switch from shared hosting solutions to either a VPS or cloud-based hosting.