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Reasons Why Your Business Needs Enterprise Wi-Fi

Posted by josh | December 24, 2019

What are some of the reasons why your business needs enterprise Wi-Fi?

  1. Fast and Reliable Connection
  2. Wide Signal Coverage
  3. Advanced Security Features
  4. Comprehensive Management
  5. Business Growth
  6. Increased Customer Satisfaction


Regardless of the nature of your operations, employing enterprise Wi-Fi for your business is deemed vital to stay connected anytime, every time, anywhere, and everywhere. It has become a must-have for every restaurant, coffee shop, and even shopping malls.

With enterprise Wi-Fi in place, you are also providing your customers with some entertainment while they wait to be serviced. With that, your customer satisfaction increases which significantly grows your company’s revenue.

If your business is growing larger by day, more employees are being hired, and customers are overflowing, it is high time that you consider replacing your Wi-Fi with a business-grade enterprise Wi-Fi to accommodate plenty of devices. Take a look at these several reasons why you must switch to a Wi-Fi platform with a higher capacity.


Fast and Reliable Connection

Most wireless access points and enterprise-grade wireless routers can have almost 200 devices connected at a time. From mobile devices, tablets, computers, laptops and smart TVs, an enterprise Wi-Fi most definitely exceeds the needs of a typical home with a family of six.

Each smart device that connects to the wireless router reduces the bandwidth available to other devices connected to the same access point. Since you are obtaining an internet connection from a single broadband service provider, each device will share the same wireless network. With enterprise Wi-Fi in place, your entire workplace will be connected without experiencing downtime or any connection issues.


Wide Signal Coverage

smart city with checkpoints communication network

One of the best features of an enterprise Wi-Fi is the opportunity to evenly distribute access points. With multiple access points, you can deploy integrated devices to demanding areas like the IT and web development departments which require connection to the internet in order to perform their jobs.

Large office spaces, especially those covering several floors, are recommended to adopt business-grade Wi-Fi to accommodate the network connections requirements of each floor. Evenly distributed access points translate to a wide and effective signal coverage.


Advanced Security Features

Compared to home Wi-Fi, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi includes added security layers to prevent unauthorized access to connect to the network. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) provides security for wireless enterprises through encryption data so that it is protected during transmission between one point and another.

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) was soon replaced by Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) with a built-in secure public-key encryption system that only authorized network users to have access to. It also consists of scrambled keys with the hashtag algorithm to prevent any case of tampering. WPA is followed by WPA2 with tighter encryption efforts.

With WPA2, businesses that require government-grade wireless security for enhanced protected management frames that prevent eavesdropping and packet forging. If your business transmits important data, an enterprise Wi-Fi could be the solution despite the multiple access points system.


Comprehensive Management

Enterprise Wi-Fi offers businesses the tools that allow network managers greater control over configuration and management. Business owners should also have the opportunity to access reports for usage patterns. This way, employee activities over the internet can also be tracked down.


Business Growth

Company employees using tablet with business chart meeting room colleagues financial charts.

As your business grows, your tools to operate should grow with it. The more employees you hire, the more devices will connect to the wireless network. Each device could contain applications which greatly consumes bandwidth. This will result in issues and conflicts within the workplace. Imagine a 15-minute task turning into an hour due to a slow network connection. Downtime is equivalent to lost revenue. Take note of the frequency of your downtime. If it occurs very often, then it is a sign that you must replace your Wi-Fi with an advanced enterprise Wi-Fi.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

Since enterprise Wi-Fi is comprised of multiple access points that can be spread out across several floors, you can allocate one for guests and visitors. Allow clients, applicants, or customers to have access to one of your Wi-Fi access points for added customer satisfaction. If you are worried about customers overstaying, you have the option to limit their use depending on preferences. Like coffee shops that offer free Wi-Fi access, you can configure and limit customers’ use of network connection for an hour and two.


Key Takeaway

If you have decided to upgrade your Wi-fi network to enterprise wifi, you must obtain the services of a reliable network solution company. Take note: Wi-Fi networks at home can never replace enterprise-grade WiFi. To accommodate all the needs of employees as well as the customer waiting by the lounge, make sure to install and employ Wi-Fi with great and advanced security safety measures to prevent access to certain parts of the facilities.