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Here Is Why You Should Connect to a VPN When Using the Internet

Posted by josh | September 17, 2019

Why should you connect to a VPN when using the internet?

  1. Browse The Web Securely While Using Public Wi-fi
  2. Access Location-based Streaming Sites
  3. Bypass Government-censored Sites
  4. Enjoy a Private Video and Voice Chat
  5. Prevent Being Logged While Downloading


With all the forms of hacking that are possible today, you can never be too confident when using public Wi-Fi. In the Philippines, the best internet providers offer safe, reliable internet connections.

While the internet is available for consumption in places such as shopping malls, public parks, hotels, and+ coffee shops, it comes at a risk. For prying hackers, this is a valuable opportunity to snoop through the information you send over the network.

The threat of being hacked while using public Wi-Fi is the same for home internet Wi-Fi use. Your personal data is gold, and you can never identify what a person will do with your information. Protect your identity and information by connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the most effective convenient solution yet, to eliminate security threats.

Here are some of the reasons why you should connect your devices to a VPN before browsing the internet or using public Wi-Fi.


Browse The Web Securely While Using Public Wi-fi

Browse The Web Securely While Using Public Wi-fi

Free Wi-Fi is never actually free. It comes at a price, but only if your device is not connected to a VPN.

People commonly use free Wi-Fi by getting online quickly to check social media, email, internet-enabled chats, or browsing the web. Not everyone recognizes the risks that come along with this. Without a VPN, your browsing will be unencrypted. Due to this, anyone who is prying about weak links will instantly pick up unencrypted radio waves. Instantly, you are sharing your activity with a stranger’s eyes.

Not even legitimate free public Wi-Fi that requests your personal information to sign up is safe and private. This invariable personal data being asked can be manipulated against you. A scam called phishing attacks is equally common which can lead to identity theft.

Connecting to a VPN constructs an encrypted tunnel between your device and a remote server operated by a VPN service. With this, all your internet traffic — the information you send over the network and the sites you visit — are routed through this tunnel. The result is safe browsing and secured data. Moreover, your identity and location are masked because your computer will mimic the IP address of the server.


Access Location-based Streaming Sites

Access Location-based Streaming Sites

If you are the type to stream videos and movies, you might have experienced the unavailability of the video in your country. This is because of location-based restrictions.

While employing a browser-based proxy tool to fool a service into thinking your device is in a different location works, data streaming is still significantly slow. Employing VPNs instead and specifying the appropriate server allows you to enjoy a secure connection and data routing. Therefore, wherever you are in the Philippines, you can connect to a server in another country to catch the latest episodes of your favorite series and TV shows.


Access Government-censored Sites

Access Government-censored Sites

The government has the power to restrict website access. They demonstrate several reasons to prevent locals from surfing particular sites. Perhaps they do not trust the information provided on the site and it can contradict certain practices and beliefs of the country.

In a graver matter, the government implements this to combat an uprising. A sensitive and confidential message communicated to the world can cause war and conflict between countries.

An example of a government-censored site is Wikipedia. Some countries, like China, do not allow their people to have access to it as the majority of the information provided there is user-generated and not precisely regulated.

By using a VPN, you can access materials and services without any government security system being prompted. Your data is safely encrypted, which means every online activity you do is made private.


Enjoy a Private Video and Voice Chat

Enjoy a Private Video and Voice Chat

While some software and mobile applications have encryption built-in to enable users to have a private video and voice chat, applications do not generally come with this feature.

A VPN connection is the solution to this privacy issue. Despite the encryption and security of usage, there are speed reductions caused by the VPN. Software applications like Skype can drop calls due to low quality.


Prevent Being Logged While Downloading Through Torrent

Prevent Being Logged While Downloading Through Torrent

The majority of Torrent users these days primarily employ VPNs. Torrenting itself is not illegal but you will find yourself breaching laws by downloading unsanctioned copyrighted materials. While it is tricky to detect which content is legal or not, VPNs allow you to prevent your internet service provider (ISP) from logging into your activity.

To safely use Torrent, you must look at three vital criteria:

  1. Install a VPN that does not maintain a log of your torrent activities
  2. The VPN is not based in a country where the government can demand user records and are adequately fast to download.
  3. Enable your VPN kill switch to lock up your network and connect to a VPN server that is preferably in a P2P-friendly country.

An established connection to a VPN will allow you to encrypt your data and have a worry-free torrenting.


Key Takeaway

Indeed, any online activity you conduct with a VPN operating and connected to a server will definitely be encrypted. You prevent prying hackers and phishing scammers to gain your personal information and the data you send over the internet. Conversely, you can block the eyes of the government.

Be responsible for your own privacy. Have a worry-free web browsing anywhere you are and anyway you are connected through a simple connection to a VPN and the fastest, best internet providers in the Philippines.

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