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Signs You Are Ready to Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan

Posted by josh | December 5, 2019

What are some signs that you need to upgrade your web hosting plan?

  1. Your site is slowing down
  2. There is increased website traffic
  3. Your servers cannot handle peak hour traffic
  4. There is surplus downtime
  5. Cost is less of an issue


Startup businesses typically start with a cost-effective and beginner-friendly web hosting plan such as shared hosting. Since shared hosting delivers you limited resources due to sharing a server with multiple other sites, the growth options and opportunities of your site become thinner as traffic increases.

If you are looking to upgrade your web hosting plan from shared hosting to dedicated servers or VPS servers, you must first perform a fact check to know whether you certainly require it or not. Here are some of the signs that will tell if you are ready for a premium web hosting service.


Your Site is Slowing Down

One important thing that you must learn about ranking up your site on search engines is that site speed remains a vital part of Google’s metric for determining visibility in search. The faster the website, the higher the priority is given.

The ideal website load time is 2 to 5 seconds. Most readers or site visitors abandon the site if it takes time to load and search engines like Google recognize the issue. Since Google optimizes search queries for users, your site will definitely land on the next page of search results.

While there are other ways to speed up a website, the best course of action is to upgrade your hosting plan.


There Is Increased Website Traffic

bar graph of increasing website traffic on chalkboard

As a startup business, you will most likely receive a couple of clicks and capture a small percentage of the consumer market’s population. Yet as you grow your business, the market becomes more and more aware of your brand. The result could be increased website traffic, especially if you provide services like online transactions and deliveries.

An increase in website traffic could slow down the site. With more consumers trying to access your products and services, your hosting plan may not have enough bandwidth to accommodate each and every single site visit. Some web hosting companies will demand an extra charge for increasing your site’s bandwidth. With this, upgrading your hosting plan remains the best option.


Incapacity to Handle Peak Hour Traffic

Somewhat similar to previous signs of upgrading to a better hosting plan, the incapacity of a site to handle peak hour traffic can be a factor for losing customers.

Take note of the time of day wherein your site receives plenty of visits. Is it during lunch or after work hours? By determining the peak hour of your site, you will be able to tell if you need an upgrade or not.

Take a look at your analytics, and compare the number of site visits with the number of consumers who made transactions and visited other sections or pages of the website. Other than self-analysis, it is best to consult your web hosting provider. Sharing RAM and CPU with other sites definitely slows down your website.


Surplus Downtime

Stressed women sitting at working laptop

What’s worse than a slow loading site? A downed one.

Downtime is basically the duration of time wherein a website cannot be accessed. There are plenty of reasons why a site experiences downtime — one of which is server overload.

If your site is under shared hosting, expect your web hosting provider to experience server overload every now and then. If the downtime is occurring more frequently and for a longer duration of time, then it is high time that you migrate to another provider or upgrade your plan for better site functions.

For e-commerce sites, downtime is simply unacceptable. While you can determine peak hours, there is a chance of losing other customers due to downtime at any time within the day.


Cost Becomes Less of an Issue

Perhaps the main reason why some businesses start with shared hosting plans is because of the cost of investment. As the business grows and revenue starts to stabilize, most businesses find it suitable to upgrade to a better plan or migrate to a more reliable web hosting provider.

If the cost of a hosting plan is no longer an issue for your business, then there is no reason for you to endure the insufficiency of a shared hosting plan. Take note that your website grows with your business. The bigger your business grows, the more consumers will recognize your products and services.

With this, you should expect an increase in site traffic due to search queries.


Key Takeaway

Now that you have learned the clear signs of when to upgrade your web hosting plan, you can either choose a different package or migrate to a different network company for better services and more opportunities for growth.

Take note, not all web hosting companies are able to provide you with comprehensive tools that will enable your site to cater to all the needs of your clients or customers.