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Identifying the Right Wi-Fi Extender for Your Home

Posted by josh | September 26, 2019

How do you choose the right Wi-Fi extender for your home?

  1. Perform Due Diligence
  2. Location of the Wi-Fi Extender
  3. Determine the Kind of Extender Required


A slow or unstable internet connection is a sign that you may demand a Wi-Fi extender at home. While a weak Wi-Fi connection may be due to the number of users saturating their bandwidth, other possible factors might make it slow.

It could be due to your Wi-Fi signal or the signal strength on your cable line. The solution to this problem? A Wi-Fi extender or booster that expands the reach of a wireless LAN. Turn to your trusted I.T. solutions company that provides services for VPS in the Philippines. They will be able to assist you to avail the suitable kind of Wi-Fi signal boosters suitable for your home.

The WiFi extender receives the signals from the router and retransmits the signals in the areas of the house that require it. This retransmitted signal provides you and your better coverage for your digital devices in spots with connectivity troubles. For your own self-assessment, here are the ways you can identify a suitable booster for your home.


Perform Due Diligence

Perform Due Diligence

There are several reasons to assess if you absolutely need a Wi-Fi extender. This can include connection troubles, experiencing dead zones in the house, or slow Wi-Fi in some areas.

Dead spots are essentially areas of the house with completely no internet detection. This is especially evident if you occupy a large home. Perhaps it is due to impenetrable walls and the architectural structure of the home that prevents the signal from going through. Simply put, your devices are out of the reach of the Wi-Fi router.

No matter the quality of your router, it will not do you much good if the signals cannot reach all the corners of the house. In this case, resorting to an extender is the best solution to distribute Wi-Fi connections across your home for everyone’s use.


Location of the Wi-Fi Extender

Location of the Wi-Fi Extender

To help you determine the kind of extender you need, you must also consider its placement. Extenders that plug directly into wall outlets are the most commonly used units. Others would prefer extenders that can be placed on top of desks.

Properly placing units isn’t too difficult. Simply locate the in-between of the dead zone and the router placement. If you require a safer placement, seek advice from your service solutions that provide VPS in the Philippines.

Failing to place the Wi-Fi extender in its proper location will deliver no benefits. All the more important, it can reduce the speed of the spots where Wi-Fi signals are slow to moderate. It is recommended for hardwiring ethernet cable connections to the LAN ports of Wi-Fi extenders so as to fully optimize the speed of the entire network.

Make sure your extender has ethernet ports for the versatility of home applications.


Determine the Kind of Extender Required

Determine the Kind of Extender Required

It is critical to get familiar with the difference between Wi-Fi repeaters or mesh and extenders or boosters. While some use it interchangeably, both do not work similarly.

Repeaters, from the world itself, are wireless devices installed to catch the wireless signal and rebroadcast it. Wi-Fi repeaters cut the potential speed of the router in half. On the other hand, Wi-Fi extenders use a wired connection to travel through the house. This results in relying on high-speed cables.

While repeaters are commonly employed jointly with extenders for optimal Wi-Fi signals, having an extender along will already suffice the needs of a large home with impenetrable walls.

When buying a Wi-Fi extender, you must be able to understand the bandwidth of your internet router. In this manner, you have knowledge of the maximum speed of the extender should be capable of throwing signals.


Key Takeaway

There is nothing more frustrating than being able to use Wi-Fi in the living area only to lose it when you have gone to your bedroom. The fact that your house is a little too spacious or the layout is unconducive to a consistent signal shouldn’t matter.

Moving the router around the house offers no solution. You can blame the problem of slow WiFi on the dead zones in your home, particularly with your wireless LAN’s short reach. Wi-Fi extenders will allow every family member’s wishes and at the same time put back the enjoyment of using the internet in the dead spots of your home.

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