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Despite being one of the most active countries on social media websites, the Philippines has one of the worst internet connections in the world. At Velcoms, we believe that Filipinos deserve better, faster, and uninterrupted internet connections. You probably haven’t heard of us before, but with the help of SEO Philippines, we aim to be the best internet provider in the country.

We are a small IT services startup located at Binan, Laguna and cater to clients in the south and metro south. Our reach and capabilities are small right now but our company is continuously growing and we are far from our peak. Being a company who focuses on making internet accessibility easier for people, we also know the potential of growing our business online.

For years, Filipinos have been enduring the pain of having slow connections, inconsistent upload and download speeds, and connections that frequently go down. Velcoms believe Filipinos deserve more. We believe that our passion for technology and innovation will help us in providing better internet connections to not just businesses but also Filipino homes.

A Small Company with Big Ambitions

Back in 2014, a group of ambitious IT professionals wanted to help solve technical problems a community was experiencing. This story started to spread from one person to another until businesses, organizations, and even local government units started seeking help from this group of IT professionals.

It is then when this group realized that they can take this accidental profit-making side job into a bigger scale and help more people with their IT problems. Thus, Velcoms Network Inc. was born.

Since then, our company has been growing continuously by giving quality expert and IT solutions and services to our customers. It is our goal to someday bring our services worldwide and be one of the leading IT solutions providers in the country

What we Bring to the Table

At Velcoms, we have 4 primary services:

  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi
  • Colocation
  • Web Hosting

Our services cater to most businesses who require professional IT services.  Dedicated Internet Access, for example, allows a company to have its own high-speed internet connection that guarantees maximum upload and download speed at all times. This is crucial for businesses who rely heavily on the internet.

We also have our own data centers for companies who are looking for powerful servers but can’t host their own. We make sure our data centers are up 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Velcom’s data centers are also secured at all times to protect our clients from internal and external threats.

Partnership for Digital Marketing

As we continue to expand our coverage, we believe that we need to increase our online visibility being a digital company. We realize that a website is important to have an online presence. When we opened our business in 2014, we also started our own website: velcomsnetwork.com.

However, the website did not perform as we expected. Our main lead generation funnel was still customers visiting us in our main office. Since we own our hosting and everything to maintain the website, we decided to keep as somewhat of an online calling card.

In 2019, we then realized that our website can be more than just a display. One of our team members who have connections with the leading SEO services in the Philippines was able to close a partnership and so our digital marketing campaign started.

SEO Services for Velcoms

Our partner agency, SEO-Hacker, is a team of search engine optimization experts who knows the strategies to help a website rank higher in the search engine giant, Google. SEO-Hacker is a company founded by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker, Sean Si. As more Filipinos use Google as part of their buying process, businesses need to have visibility in Google to compete.

The plan of action is long but straight forward. The Velcoms website will be built from scratch to make sure that every inch of code is optimized for SEO. It is made to target keywords related to those who are looking for internet and other IT services. SEO-Hacker also has a team of content writers who produced high-quality content, one of the top 3 ranking factors of Google. Their link building team are also handling the efforts outside of the website.

The results were amazing. After a few months, the number of users started coming in and leads started coming in too. Velcoms ranked for the target keywords and is continuously increasing its ranks. For example, Velcoms is now on the first page when the keyword “best internet provider philippines” is searched beating out other internet provider giants.

We believe that online visibility will give our growth a boost and increase the number of our possible customers. While not all of our keywords are on the first page yet, continuous SEO efforts will surely help our goals.