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What You Should Know About Web Hosting In The Philippines

Posted by nikolay | June 11, 2019

Web hosting in the Philippines has never been easier. There are many web hosting services currently available all over the web to cater to the needs of thousands of clients that are in need of hosting services. The accessibility of these services has never been better. More and more people are rushing to find the best web hosting service that can offer the best deals. People look for fast web hosting speeds, affordable monthly fees, the best uptime, and best load time packages.

However, before getting started and signing up for that web hosting service, take a step back and look at what the essence of web hosting is. Directly diving into something you’re not entirely familiar with can be risky. Web hosting, just like any investment, is in need of extra attention and care. This is where you’ll be investing your hard earned money monthly or annually for the upkeep of your site and domain. That being said, web hosting has a similarly rich history with the internet, as they both evolved together throughout the years.

The first internet connection was established on October 29, 1969. The Connection was made with UCLA’s School of Engineering and SRI International in Menlo Park California. ARPANET sites were implemented and grew within 2 years. ARPANET or Advanced Research Projects Agency Network was an early packet switching network and the first network to successfully use TCP/IP protocol suite. TCP/IP is fundamental to the growth of the internet and with this first connection, the potential of a worldwide connection kickstarted the standardization of the usage of a single protocol.

Another Kickstarter moment happened in 1986. The National Science Network authorized various research and education organizations to establish internet connections to supercomputer powered sites in various areas of the United States. More people caught on to the craze and soon commercial Internet Service Providers emerged in the market. By 1990, the internet no longer required the ARPANET to establish a connection. The internet finally stood as an independent element.

Web hosting today isn’t what it used to be. Back in the early 90s, specifically in 1991, the concept of the electronic mail and the world wide web took the world by storm. The early 90s created thousands of opportunities for anyone with a chance to host their own website. The National Science Foundation removed restrictions regarding the world wide web. In the same year, HTML was introduced and the use of URLs was implemented to determine the web addresses location. Because of this, more people and companies are seeing the vast potential of web hosting.

In the next two years, the CERN made a bold decision to make the world wide web a public domain. It was now time to use software and utilize servers for web hosting. In 1994, exactly a year after the world wide web turned into a public domain, David Bohnett and John Rezner founded GeoCities. GeoCities was also known as Beverly Hills Internet, a Southern California web hosting and development company. GeoCities was also ranked as the fifth most popular website in the year of 1997. In 1999, Yahoo! boldly purchased GeoCities and allowed users to upload various content hosted by GeoCities as well.

The National Science Foundation announced four major internet access points. For Washington DC it was by The Metropolitan Fiber System. New York had Sprint. Chicago used Ameritech and San Francisco had Pac Bell.

Web hosting in the Philippines has come a long way since then. The internet has essentially become part of our lives, a daily requirement. Every individual has access to the world at their fingertips because of this. Let’s dive into what web hosting is.

What is web hosting?

At its core, web hosting is a service that allows various organizations and individuals to post a website or webpage to the internet. Next, you need to look at the web host or the web hosting service provider. The web host or service provider is a business that provides technology and services required for a site or page to be viewed on the internet. The websites are stored and kept safe on specialized computers that are called servers. The first thing you do when you want to visit a website is to type the link in the address bar of your browser. The web host computer will then establish a connection and the webpage will be delivered straight to your browser. This will be explained in detail later. These hosting companies can also give you the option to purchase your own domain name. There are many services that offer web hosting in the Philippines and abroad. You won’t run out of services to choose from as the web hosting business has become infinitely diverse because of achievements in technology.

Why do you need web hosting?

Why do you need web hosting

Essentially you need web hosting so that your website can successfully live and thrive on the internet. If you’re a businessman, influencer, or blogger, having your own website and the domain name can be a great investment for your future. In the age of online real estate, web hosting is needed in order to stay active and relevant in the online realm.

Starting with what people look for the most, you have more control over your website compared to conventional, free platforms. These free platforms have terms and conditions that can keep your content floating in the sea of information of the online realm. These free platforms threaten the existence of your content as your website can be torn down with a simple malfunction or a broken rule. If you’re serious about building a website, it’s better to utilize a web hosting service in order to have full control of your site and content.

Again, with free platforms, you won’t have much freedom compared to web hosting. You might face an issue of co-branding. Your website will be sharing the same branding as your free platform. Your audience may not enjoy this, as your website may not appear as dependable compared to using a web hosting service. Free platforms also have limited customization options and can also offer microtransactions that can be expensive if you’re planning for the long term.

If you’re not knowledgeable about hosting, servers, and technology, it’s not a good idea to skip out on a good web hosting service. Web hosting in the Philippines requires vast knowledge about running and managing a server. You will also most likely invest large amounts of money in various expensive hardware such as powerful processors and tons of RAM. These can quickly add up to your final bill and require a lot of attention to maintain. Finding the right web hosting service for your website is much more affordable for long term plans.

Web hosting is about taking ownership and responsibility of your content. Your options are only limited to your creativity. Establishing a legitimate and reliable online presence can appeal to a wider audience, bringing more traffic to your website. If you want to have a strong significance and presence in the online world, you should use a web hosting service.

Web Hosting vs. Domain Name

Web Hosting vs Domain Name

Many beginners don’t know the difference between web hosting and domain name. Did you know that these are two independent terms? Before setting up your website, you must first establish your domain name. Without a domain name, internet users won’t be able to reach your site. In layman’s terms, your domain name will serve as your address and your website will be your house. How will visitors know where you live if you don’t have an address?

Now that we’ve established some simple information, it’s time to delve into a detailed explanation about a domain name. Your internet starts with a broad network of computers interconnected to each other through the use of cables. The method used to identify each computer is by using a series of numbers. This is known as the IP Address. For users to remember your address, instead of using an IP Address, domain names are used. It’s often too difficult to memorize an IP address for a specific website, especially if you’re planning to access multiple websites. The domain name was invented to make the process of connecting to websites much easier.

Even if domain names and web hosting are two different services, both still need each other to make websites possible.

How Does Web Hosting Work

How Does Web Hosting Work

Right off the bat, web hosting in the Philippines uses a server for users to store their website. Web host services provide computers/servers for rent and can provide the connectivity you need so that users can access your website.

You can argue on where you should start. Should you start by purchasing a domain name or start off by partnering with a web hosting service? Either way, both are very important and as discussed earlier, you need both so that users can find your website. Some web hosting services offer a domain name registration that you can purchase along with the hosting service. If you can’t find a domain name registration within the web hosting service provider, you can find other websites that provide domain name registrations.

Next process is choosing your host. This can be overwhelming as there are thousands of web hosting companies all over the web. Opt for a web hosting company that has the best reputation and coverage. Some servers look very appealing because of the offers but as an informed consumer, you should know if they have proper technical and customer service assistance available, if ever you face a problem. Once you checked these factors off your list, ensure that you have the proper budget. Be sure that you’ll be able to afford the hosting fees before getting started. Here are some guidelines you can follow before finalizing your decision:


Does the server guarantee good uptime rates?


Are they a legitimate and credible web hosting company?


How many customers do they have? Do they have a strong online presence?

Online Feedback

Check out any online feedback. Some companies may be posting fake reviews in order to get more customers to subscribe to their web hosting service.


If you face any problems, will this company be able to provide high-quality support?


Can the company guarantee that your data will be secure?

Mobile Services

Will you be able to access your website through your mobile?

Related Services

Do they provide extra services such as domain name registration, email hosting, and website builders?

What are data centers?

Web hosting in the Philippines and data centers can often be mixed up. Physically they’re different but essentially they offer the same functions. The term data center is the actual technical setup used by the hosting company. Besides the servers in the data center, it can also include backup systems, security measures, cooling systems, and various connection devices.

Types of Web Hosting

Types of Web Hosting

It’s now time to cover the different types of web hosting. There are four different types of hosting services and each specific type of web hosting have their own pros and cons. These web hosting services offer diverse options that can fit different kinds of websites.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting adds your website to a server with other websites. Shared hosting offers the most budget-friendly options for users. Small businesses, startups, or new bloggers can choose this option as it’s simple and easy to use. However, opting for this hosting service risks high traffic spikes and site performance can be affected by other websites.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual private servers (VPS) simulate individual servers for each hosted website but in reality, the websites are actually sharing one server. Users who require greater website control at the server level without using an actual dedicated server can invest in a VPS in the Philippines.

Dedicated Server

If you need maximum control over the web server for your website, this is the type of web hosting for you. This is an expensive option but promises the best server performance.

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